The sound of a bubbling vase or the refreshing splash of a waterfall cools the ambiance of any outdoor space. Unlike the old days of concrete bowls and fussy pool equipment, our water features and fountains are easy to maintain and built with professional quality materials. We can create a centerpiece fountain or natural style waterfall to compliment your outdoor space and delight family and friends.

Fountains and Waterfalls

Water Feature FAQs

Not any more! The new systems are designed for the landscape environment, with easy to clean foam filters and pumps that can pass leaves and small debris without clogging. You can have a gorgeous waterfall without the fuss!

Our pumps are typically plugged into a standard outlet. You can have an electrician add a dedicated outlet, or we can use one on the outside of your home.

Not in general. Our waterfalls and ponds do not require draining, but a container or vase feature should be drained to avoid freeze damage. Your designer can help clarify this if you have more questions.

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