If you are wondering how to add a patio or more parking without adding impermeable surface to your property, then a Pervious surface like Permeable Pavers are an option.

Areas like Arlington, Alexandria, Vienna and downtown Fairfax have lots that only allow a certain percentage of impermeable coverage. Impermeable surfaces are areas that do not allow water to pass through them. Structures like your home, garage, shed and driveway are typically impermeable.

If you are building a home in these areas, you may be at or near the limitations for impermeable surfaces, especially if you are building an addition or larger home. Most modern homes need more parking for vehicles, since more of us drive than ever before. Older homes have driveways meant to accommodate fewer vehicles, so one of the first upgrades to a renovated or new home is to expand the driveway.

You may also be wondering how to add a patio to your lot without impacting the storm water run-off limitations, you can achieve this as well with permeable pavers.

Permeable Paver driveways are a massive upgrade to any home. They are extremely durable, lasting 30 or more years, and are repairable in the long term unlike concrete or asphalt and add value to your home.

Environmentally Friendly Paving

We all try to do our part in protecting the environment, by recycling, using our own grocery totes, driving hybrid and electric cars and much more. But a more immediate impact can be made by controlling the water coming off of our property.

Permeable pavements in general reduce the amount of pollutants and sediment that make their way into the storm water management system.

The roof and driveway shed a lot of water which ends up being a major source of pollution. Cities are rightly concerned about the potential hazards, but also the added upkeep needed to keep the wastewater system clear with un-regulated pollution.

Permeable pavers are installed on a layer of gravel similar to standard pavers, but using a gravel type that allows passage of water through the surface.

Why Pervious Pavement Works

Image Courtesy of Arlington County

The base material depth is also about twice what is needed for a standard patio or driveway, this allows groundwater recharge as the water can move through the soil. This is important because soil has only so much ability to pass water through when rain starts. If there is a pouring rain, the water will tend to flow over the soil, the soil can’t absorb the run-off quickly enough.

That gravel material creates a void space where water is slowed down enough that the soil underneath can cope with extensive run-off from heavy rains.

Where to Install Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers can be used wherever you can use traditional pavers. They come in many colors and shapes to compliment your home and property. Whether you have a commercial property that needs additional parking or a home that needs more outdoor space, permeable pavers are always an Eco Friendly Option.

We Recently installed a specialized permeable pavement for a commercial property. Watch the video!

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