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Patios provide a low maintenance, outdoor space with warmth. Patios compared to decks are typically a lower elevation, creating a more cozy and protected atmosphere. Landscape planting can be used to further culture the surroundings for beauty and screening if needed. The lower elevation also means easier access to the lawn and landscape, providing a more natural unity of design.

Paver Patios


Flagstone Patios

Patio FAQs

Paver patios require almost no maintenance! Since we use Polymeric joint sand between the paver pieces, the surface remains stable and weed free for years. We can also refresh your paver surface by pressure washing, then sweeping in fresh polymeric sand, its that simple!
Yes! Our pavers have a softened edge that allows a shovel to move easily over the surface. We do not recommend using a shovel with a metal blade however, as that can mar and gouge the surface.
No, regular salt can damage the surface as it reacts with the concrete. Use ice melt, which contains Magnesium Chloride or Calcium Chloride, which will not damage your pavers.
No, you can use pavers in the same areas as you would use concrete, like around pools, for walkways, etc.
Pavers typically cost less than stamped concrete and create a more durable surface than stamped concrete. Paver surfaces are also repairable, while a cracked stamped concrete surface cannot be restored fully once it cracks.


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