If your lawn is in poor shape and you forgot to aerate and seed this Fall, you can still have a gorgeous new lawn this year!


Sod, in Winter?










Yes, sod can be installed throughout the year in our area! Most sod farms will cut sod unless the ground is frozen, so the supply is available.

While we will have to work around potential snow events and rain, we can often install sod throughout the winter season.


Won’t sod die if you install it this time of year?

While there is no warranty on sod, Fescue sod, (which is the most popular lawn choice for people in this area), is a cool season grass, so it grows very well in the mild Virginia winters.

Cool season grasses thrive in the 40-60 degree temperature range. The watering needs of Fescue sod are much reduced during the winter – which brings us to the next benefit of winter sod installations.


How am I supposed to water it?








Due to the cooler temperatures during the winter, Fescue sod grows very slowly and needs very little water compared to Spring and Summer.

When our crew installs the sod, it is best to water the sod immediately. After that, you can shut off your hose again and let the rain and snow water the sod for you. While it is possible that a dry winter may necessitate some additional watering, a typical winter means you and stay cozy in your home and “watch the grass grow”.


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