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Where to Start?

Very often in this area, home owners have a lot of back yard that they can not utilize due to steep slopes or uneven grades. Retaining walls are a great way to correct those issues and create a whole new usable outdoor space. There are many types and styles of retaining wall that can be constructed to meet your needs.

What a Retaining Wall Can do for You

Retaining walls can be a creative way to support new soils used to level a back yard area or hold back an area that is excavated out to create a patio or driveway extension. Retaining walls can also have dual or multiple uses. These walls work great for creating extra seating around patios or landscape features. Low walls can also create unique borders for an elevated landscape area or garden.   Elevated patios that are built using a retaining wall system can develop into a stunning multi level patio system with different elevations to create several different outdoor rooms all within one landscape.

Get a Professional to Build it

Construction of these walls takes careful planning and design.  We have constructed hundreds of walls from the small garden/drainage wall to large 15′ tall earth retention systems.  Please contact Premium if you are interested in constructing a retaining wall on your property.


As always, we’d love to meet with you to determine the best type of retaining wall for your budget and needs.

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