Fall is the time to let “the grass grow under your feet”

When the heat of the summer has passed, grass will again promote growth.  Fall is a critical time to make plans to repair the damage to our lawns caused by the drought and heat of the past summer. 

Correct the soil

We have to fill in the bare areas with desirable turfgrass as well as alleviate soil compaction at the root zone area.  If your lawn has a lot of bare and thin areas, if the soil looks rocky or had a reddish or orange tint to the soil, or if your lawn just seems to look stressed all the time, you may want to consider turf renovation.  This incorporates the introduction of new organic-reinforced soils as a top dressing in conjunction with core aeration, overseeding, and fertilization. 

For new homes

If you live in a home built in the last ten years, you should consider turf renovation as well.  Builders don’t usually amend the soil with organic matter, making grass harder to grow. We have options to “rebuild” your lawn by applying a rich layer of our premium soil mix and custom blended seed mix. 

Correct the chemistry

You may have large quantities of mid-summer germinating turf weeds, these need to be eliminated so the new grass seedlings can establish and grow with minimal competition.  Fall broadleaf weed control is part of a complete lawn care program in our region as cool season weeds like Chickweed, Henbit, Speedwell and more.   

Remember, a thick healthy turf is the best way to control weeds and to reduce your overall costs in the long term.  Maintain a solid turf care program every year and you will see your lawn grow and thrive.

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