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Summer Lawn Care


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After the spring growing season, summer brings quite a bit of stress to lawn grasses. Not only are the heat and drought damaging, but we want our lawns lush and green for outdoor activities. By understanding and respecting the seasonal changes of turf grasses, you can take steps to care gently for your lawn as the mercury rises.  Once temperatures get into the 80s and above, lawns will begin to struggle a little. Growth will slow, color may fade, and lawns will show signs of wear and tear as they are less able to recover from stress and traffic.

What to do:

  • Lawns need at least one inch of water per week, and more when the heat is severe.
  • Use a rain gauge to keep track of the amount of water received from rainfall and irrigation.
  • Water deeply and less frequently to encourage drought-tolerant roots.
  • Water early in the day to reduce evaporation and fungal growth.
  • Mow regularly, to prevent cutting more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time.  This keeps your grass healthier and prevents the clippings from smothering the grass.

These steps should keep your lawn looking healthy throughout the summer months.

High-Traffic Areas

By summer, many lawns begin to show signs of wear, especially in popular pathways. Consider installing stepping stones or a walkway to minimize damage to your grass, and try to minimize traffic on the lawn.

If you think stepping stones or a walkway can help, contact Premium Lawn and Landscape for your free estimate today!<