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Should I Remove my Tree?

Should I Remove my Tree?


Tree removal is done for many reasons.  The most likely being that the tree is dead or a hazard.  Sometimes it is merely because it is unattractive or ugly.  Most trees add color and curb appeal to our properties.  So when and how do we know it is the right decision to remove a tree?


Obviously we notice problems with our trees before or after a storm with high winds.  However, an annual inspection of your trees is the best approach.  This will allow you to identify potential problems before they occur.


What you should look for: 

  • Dead and Dying Parts – These are the most likely candidates for removal. 


  • Broken and or Hanging Branches – This can happen for many reasons and may not indicate the tree should be removed.  It may only need to be trimmed. 


  • Missing or Decaying Wood or Bark – This does indicate a tree in distress.  However, it may require treatment and not removal. 


  • Leaning – Does your tree lean or is it unbalanced.  Leaning and unbalanced trees are often the first to fall with ground saturation.  This tree may be healthy but still a hazard.


  • Root Problems – Your tree requires its roots to stay upright.  If you notice decay, dead or missing roots the tree is a potential hazard. 


These are just a few of the more common and identifiable things you can look for.

You should always keep trees and branches cut back away from buildings and electrical wires.

If you notice any of these things or are uncertain about the health of your trees call us.  We have licensed arborists to help you with a risk assessment. 


Tree removal can be expensive.  However, you may loose much more than your tree if it falls on it’s own.<